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Something About You

There is something about you that fascinates me so
Something that makes me fall in love with you
I fall deeper and deeper
My heart is all a flutter
Filled with butterflies
How can it be?
You are but a memory with the ghosts of time
I look back at you
I look hard to see for real
I am disillusioned by it all
In Memoriam
Death came suddenly
No more you
Pictures to look at
From the past
Gleaming eyes
A smile
A happy day gone by
Oh to have been a part of it!
My whole being yearns for you
Love shines through the dark of night
Together in spirit
Life and death
United to each other
You are my guardian angel
watching over me
Gently calling my name
Curious about me as I am you
Flesh and blood
Ashes and dust
Comes together
How is this so?
I don't know
There is just something about you

Soul Mates Do soul mates really exist? They do! Me and Craig Slocum are soul mates. He's a very special person. A soul mate is a wondrous thing. Our relationship has a glowing depth, beauty and joy. It was not found by looking for it or wishing for it. It is sort of a divine accident. It is such a privilege. I had heard of "soul mates," but I never knew such a person could exist. It's like the answer to a special prayer. A future that brings me closer to a wish come true than any fantasy I've ever had. It has its own special magic. It is a light in my life. Such sweetness. Our love is a gift that will forever be. Thank you, sweet soul mate, for being mine. There are few miracles in this universe as amazing as love. It lives in the deepest part of the heart, but it sneaks out as often as it can. It can travel a thousand miles in the span of one-second. Love can feel at home no matter where it is, as long as it knows that it has a companion there by its side. I don't know exactly what it is, but there is something very special about Craig Slocum. It might be all the things that set him apart from everyone else. I try to figure out all the magic that makes him so special. His light shines more brightly than any star. He really is amazing. He is so important to me. This is my little love story, a can't-wait-to-read romance that winds its way to the brightest stars anyone ever wished upon. A journey in search of a distant horizon. Two souls whose paths were allowed to cross. We feel right at home. Love is a feeling, the deepest and sweetest of all. It's incredibly strong and amazingly gentle at the very same time. Craig Slocum is my wish upon every single star. I will speak of him in glowing terms, whenever I tell other people about him. He is my own special miracle. My life has never been the same since he came into it. He makes the stars come out at night. He's made me a believer in something I used to never have much faith in: the notion that dreams really can come true. Cheryl
Love Reign Over Us Sweet kisses Heart full of love Sadness and longing Never-ending dreams Shadows of Craig Tears fill my eyes Come and take me now I belong to you You are mine Missing you I love you You are in my heart and soul I can't stop thinking of you Forever soulmates Together in spirit Intimate longings Silent screams Your image on film is all that remains Death has taken you away I look for you and you are not there I am haunted by you So hungry for you Life is not complete without you Would love to feel your presence I connect with you You give me a thrill deep inside I cry for you in the dark I resign myself to what I'm going through Yesterday Today Tomorrow Body and soul It's so nice to have something your hands touched and wrote on My heart aches over you Your absence in the world overwhelms me How nice it would be if you were here you fascinate me I want to know all about you I never got to meet you I miss you I hope to come across you in the hereafter You are in my prayers It hurts so much that you are gone I envy your lovers from the past Our timing in this world was all wrong Love hurts bad It cuts like a knife I will remember you Craig all my life Love reign over us Cheryl
Valentines And Other Tokens Of Affection I send greetings to my handsome and chosen sweetheart, Craig. You are in my heart and soul. I just can't stop thinking of you. I love you Craig. You're my idol on Dark Shadows. I long for you to be with me. I think of you every day and night. My love for you cannot be contained. I scream silently within myself. I see us together. I want to hold you and never let you go. I get lost with you. We share romantic fun. I feel your body against mine. I feel ecstasy, and I just melt with you. You are sexy, and so handsome. Your red hair is so soft and shines in the light. I love to touch it and run my fingers through it. I idolize you Craig. Your cute boyish face, your hunky luscious body, and perfect stance drive me wild. Your voice is soft and sweet to my ears. We share love, friendship, and peace. Your presence is special. Always a pleasure. I connect with you. You thrill my heart and soul. May good things come our way. I love you so much. I need you to touch. Why not make it forever? I belong to you. I see a sparkle in your eyes. Elation fills our spirits. It is the thrill of a joyous love affair. It crosses the great divide and unites us. I gaze at you so fondly. You are the apple of my eye, very precious and dear. I am tantalized and swept off my feet. When we kiss, I go weak in the knees. Your arms uphold me. Valentine's Day is a fun day of love and romance. When Cupid shot his arrow, it went straight to my heart. Deep in there are fond memories of you. One day there will be no more time, only endless pleasant rest and happiness. Our glorified bodies will shine like new, never to fade away. As of now, I see myself in a glass darkly, only a mirrored image far from what I will one day be. We will look upon each other in great wonder. Our touch will be unlike anything ever felt before. Our eyes will behold great beauty. Our place will be filled with light. Forever is a long time. Small gestures make us happy. We find little ways of making our encounters a bit more special. We share creativity. We enjoy surprise "dates" at any time. Romance is the _expression of our love. You turn the ordinary into the special. Our love is an affectionate one. We can and do express our love in many ways. When you make romantic gestures Craig, there's a certain afterglow that lingers. We appreciate each other more. We are nice to each other. We are kind. You give me something special. Together, we radiate a special warmth. Ours is a quiet romance. You are a special person Craig. I am complete with you. Our bond lies within the furthest reaches of the heart. Here is sanctuary, at the molten core of our being. Our love burns brightly and is never ending. Cheryl
Forever In Love With You Within my heart doth live a love affair Now and ever and always Let's run away to Paradise All that we long for is there waiting Love Hope Fun Happiness Sharing Satisfaction Joy Oh to be able to touch you and look into your eyes! Hold hands Share kisses Laughter and smiles It would send me reeling The warmth of your embrace To feel you gently caress my skin What a shame it can't be so I don't know what I'm going to do without you I wish you were here to end my sorrow That you were here to stay tomorrow In my heart there's love and pain If only you were on the earth again Though I never knew you, I miss you so much I long for your kisses and yearn for your touch With the fire from the fireworks up above I run to meet you in the temple of love You give me such a thrill It's like wuthering heights I write your name in the star lights Craig Slocum I'm forever in love with you Cheryl
My Absent Valentine I awaken in the morning, another Valentine's Day is here. It's you that I love, and wish that you were near. My soul cries for you, your spirit hears it and runs across the Great Divide. My arms await thee. You grab hold of me and squeeze me ever so tight. We spend the entire day in each others arms, kissing, caressing, loving, and being united in harmony. When the night falls, we are satisfied. A deep longing for each other has been met. We hear the wind outside, voices, and faint traffic in the night. The moon and stars glow overhead. Valentine lovers everywhere are impassioned with one another. Sharing then our special Valentine's night, we step outside, and it's like stepping out of a dream. Two hearts beat as one. We go to the romantic fountains, and listen to the love song playing for us, and feel the mist of the dancing waters. This Valentine's Day belongs to us. We can do anything. We are one. So happy, we look like a couple on our honeymoon. I pray the night will never end. We exchange valentines, share a box of chocolate covered cherries, a bouquet of red roses perfumes the night air as we settle on the lawn in the park. No one is around. The moon illuminates the trees around us. The wind rustles through the branches. Suddenly, we are locked together in a fierce embrace, knowing that it is soon to be the end of Valentine's Day. We hold on tight, but suddenly you slip from my grasp, and tell me it is time, that you must go now. I am bewildered as you vanish from my sight. The moon illuminates the spot where you were a moment ago. I still smell the scent of the cologne I gave you. My absent Valentine, come again next year! Cheryl

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